About Us

The Grizzled Geek

Nerds from the old school

The Grizzled Geek are a group of friends, who have known each other since high school, and have opinions they want to share with the world on geek culture.

We are the real OG (Original Gamers). First gen nerds who have seen Star Wars: a New Hope in theaters, played through all editions of D&D and remember when being a nerd wasn’t exactly cool.

We have opinions. Lots of opinions, and we want you to hear them (then get off our lawn). So we have started a podcast.

Mike: Our host

Doug: The intellectual

Chris: Impassioned enthusiast

We are going to talk about movies, comics, gaming and other nerd things we like. The plan is a couple podcasts each month and smaller videos and blog posts in between.  Want us to talk about a specific subject, let us know.

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@theg2mike or @theg2doug

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